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Let’s discuss the key technologies which are used to develop apps like Uber. It can be compared with a demand perspective on a map so that a driver can plan his schedule and move to the location with a higher passenger ratio. With the trip cancellation or delay time of more than 5 minutes, the passenger is charged additionally on top of the base fare. This feature is essential for any user to register themself on the app; methods are social media log in, email, number, etc. The cashless payment method and price are estimated before making the process smooth for both drivers and clients.

creating an app like uber

In recent years, it’s become a common practice across all categories of apps to allow user registration through Gmail or Facebook. The profile itself should allow for basic identity setup(photo, name, phone number). This allows you to gather crucial user insights, learn about their major pain points, and use that feedback to improve your service.

Advanced Route Building

Last but not least, do not forget about the budget allocated for marketing and promotional purposes, as well as other indirect business costs. So – how to make an app like Uber and make this type of app successful. Logically, just creating an Uber clone app is a bad tactic that will not necessarily lead to a greater fortune. Book a 30-minute session where you can discuss your queries & doubt related to our product and development. Smoke testing – This technique tests the working of important component features in the app.

Dad appalled Uber Eats driver working while sick with Covid – Stuff

Dad appalled Uber Eats driver working while sick with Covid.

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Uber estimated a whopping $16 billion revenue by the beginning of 2019. As of now, it is available in 500 cities from 60 nations worldwide. It has now garnered about 50 million users from both- Android and iOS platforms and finished almost 10 million rides as you are reading this article.

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Payment is handled through the app, and riders are automatically charged for their trip once it’s over. Riders first need to create an account and download the app to use Uber. Once you have registered, you can enter your pickup location and destination. You can also see a fair estimate and choose between UberX create an app like uber (a standard ride), UberPool (a shared ride), or one of the premium services (UberXL, UberBlack, etc.). Uber is a ridesharing app that allows users to request a ride from drivers in their area. This blog reveals how to make an app like Uber and everything else you need to know for uber like app development.

creating an app like uber

Actions like booking a trip, ride acceptance, or cancelations by the driver must be integrated into the notification service. Twilio telecommunication provider is a good option to use for text messages in app development process. In order to equip an app with push notifications on iOS, use Apple Push Notifications Service; and for Android apps, Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) should be used.


Gather feedback and make necessary improvements based on user testing results. Integrate secure payment gateways to facilitate cashless transactions. Implement features for automatic fare calculation, receipts, and invoice generation. Allow users to create profiles, manage personal information, and save payment methods.

  • In the global ride-hailing market, the total revenue was $217 billion in 2020.
  • The cashless payment method and price are estimated before making the process smooth for both drivers and clients.
  • You can use our MVP Cost Estimator to verify the initial investment needed to kick off the development of your Uber-like MVP.
  • This will help you in creating strategic plans, optimizing your marketing and business strategies, implementing the latest features in your app, and more.
  • But a reason to cheer is that the uber like apps trailing behind the giant Uber driver app have been doing more than a decent business.

To convince the system that they did enough rides, people will use various fake location apps in order to spoof their GPS data and complete rides while not doing any. Knowing people are doing this, Uber gathers a wide range of location data, speed, and altitude amongst other telemetry. The significance of an adaptable business model like Uber’s shows how businesses can readjust their advertising approach. Advertising has become an integrative part of your entire business model that works together with your product to enhance user experience across many channels. Let’s check out the essential features required to build an app like Uber.

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Additionally, measurability and the right context for advertising can become instrumental in building strong advertising business models. Starting in 2022, Uber passengers began seeing static advertisements in the Uber app. Those will be supplemented with interactive videos, such as movie trailers and restaurant menus. Later, the company plans to activate video advertising in Australia, Great Britain, France and other markets.

creating an app like uber

The driver can reroute the whole journey and can navigate efficiently to the path. Let’s have a quick look at how they were able to create a buzz in the market. Further, let’s look into the reasoning for Uber’s operations before getting into the technical aspects. To learn more about the platform, you may also visit their website or look at the case study of this project in our portfolio. For example, Uber was launched on iOS first because iPhones were extremely popular in those days, having about 80% of the market share (on the US market).

Payment Gateway Integration

Earlier, this was the only development method that people knew of and it remains prevalent till date. Knowing your potential customers is more important than knowing your competitors. User-experience is given a lot of importance in the current times and you can only win at it when you know your users.

creating an app like uber

Hopefully, you should also have lots of users who are happy with your services and will stay with you, forming your core user base. Before you climb in any vehicle, you get the facility to view the profile of your driver. You can see how many rides has he taken up until now and what are his ratings.

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The app should send the user Push-Notifications when the driver accepts their booking request, when the ride starts and when the ride ends. Then they managed to get the word of mouth publicity in the tech communities by hosting and sponsoring tech events and giving free rides to the participants to the events. Uber was launched in 2010 and within the first six months it had a user-base of 6000 customers and had already provided 20,000 rides.

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