Maneater Is the Shark-PG You Never Knew You Wanted in Your Life

It’s a fun watch, however, in large part to see just how far Castellari pushes his plagiarism. The oxygen consumption of an active tropical elasmobranch, the lemon shark (Negaprion brevirostris), was measured at different swimming speeds in an annular respirometer. The resulting power-performance curve had a slope of 0.36 which is similar to that of moderately active teleosts.

If you haven’t, do yourself a favor and give the movie a look. It never quite reaches a point that high again, but few movies do. The director having fun is the presiding feeling here — which may account for why the movie is so frequently amusing, and occasionally delightful.

  • It’s definitely cool to be an unstoppable force through as you literally tear through boats and hunters.
  • The cephalofoil gives the shark superior binocular vision and depth perception.
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  • Read allA group of friends enjoying a weekend steal a couple of jetskis racing them out to sea, ending up in a horrific head-on collision.

Luckily, our shark is plenty experienced in the art of aquatic warfare. Watching it dance in and out of the water during combat is both awe inspiring and hilarious, but when the action ramps up, you’ll be too focused on surviving the often tough-as-nails conflict to giggle at the absurdity of it all. There’s even a GTA-style Wanted Level mechanic, in which the more havoc you cause, the harder and faster the game’s human Bounty Hunters will hunt you down from their comically armed boats. This movie features Jason Statham fighting a 2-million-year-old megalodon (which you will hear him say, in that accent, approximately a thousand times.) It is literally perfect. Also, it’s based on a book that has sequels, which means this could end up being a franchise. Jaws has the fine distinction of being not only the greatest shark movie ever made but also one of the greatest horror movies ever made.

Johannes Roberts’s film is not for claustrophobes, or at least not for claustrophobes unwilling to confront their worst nightmares. Even without sharks circling, Lisa and Kate have to contend with a diminishing oxygen supply, a cage that’s become a trap, and decompression sickness. But the sharks add an unpredictable, and unforgiving threat to their survival attempts and, like the other elements of Roberts’s film, they’re all the scarier because they seem so grounded in reality. There’s no need for megalodons or super-intelligent sharks when the garden variety can be this terrifying. Anyone who’s seen even 10 minutes of Shark Week knows that sharks don’t just start attacking humans randomly unless attacked or provoked. Also, lots of sharks are endangered, and the actual number of people who died by shark attack in 2022 is, I’m not kidding, five.

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Better yet, Maneater’s appeal runs far deeper than the shallow waters of its high concept joke set up, as a game that’s not skimping out on the role-playing aspect of its ‘SharkPG’ label. And here are some of the most exciting, inane, and bone-chilling shark flicks that’ll make you feel like you’re 10 years old again and cowering on the beach. Teenagers love thrillers and parents may want to watch these movies with their families. We know that younger children probably couldn’t tolerate some of the scenes in these movies, so it’s likely best to limit them to animated features. Be sure to check out our roundup of all of the E games revealed so far, or watch the video below for a guide to everything else out this year. I’m the senior entertainment editor at, which means my DVR is always 98 percent full.

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Here’s our list of the 20 best movies about sharks on Netflix (and beyond), in no particular order. I’m super excited to see what else the development team adds once we get closer to the release of Maneater. As of right now, there’s no release date for the game but I don’t expect it’s too far off so perhaps we’ll see it sometime next year. Maneater will launch exclusively on the Epic Games Store, followed by a release on all other PC platforms one year after launch.. Maneater is releasing sometime in 2020 for PC, and our demo revealed a few rough edges around the game’s physics engine and graphical fidelity that Tripwire has time to iron out before launch. Even so, it’s hard to imagine this game not succeeding as an instant internet favourite primed for streaming virality.

Though there were films about sharks prior to Jaws, the shark film as a subgenre effectively begins with Steven Spielberg’s masterpiece. Since then, the shark movie has had its ups and downs in popularity. The subgenre has, at its best, found ways to step away from its inspiration, and this century has produced some truly compelling, thrilling spins on the form. A group of friends enjoying a weekend steal a couple of jetskis racing them out to sea, ending up in a horrific head-on collision.

The 16 Best Shark Movies of All Time, From the Bone-Chilling to the Ridiculous

Many different— but not necessarily mutually exclusive—functions have been postulated for the cephalofoil, including sensory reception, manoeuvering, and prey manipulation. The cephalofoil gives the shark superior binocular vision and depth perception. Some shark movies are legitimately good films adored by critics and fans alike.

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